Tighnabruaich Gallery
G. Jenny Ayrton
S. Jo Arnold
A. Kevin Fleming
G. Will Shakspeare
C. Lorna Fraser
C. Bill Williamson
A. Patrick Church
A. Hope Blamire
A. Ingeborg Smith
A. Jean Feeney
C. Sheena Spacey
A. David Morrison
A. Robbie Baird
C. Julia Roxburgh
A. Charina Beswick
A. Jemma Derbyshire
A. Sara Bor
A. Ann Russell
A. Amanda Clark
A. Stephanie Law
C. Michaela Goan
J. Amanda Cope
C. Debbie Page
A. Tommy Fitchet
A. Pam Carter
A. Brian Bartlett
A. Paul Bennett
A. Ted Bowen
C. Juliet MacLeod
J. Ann Hume
C. Tom Butcher
A. Freda Waldapfel
A. Heloise Maylin
C. George Ormerod
A. Moira Buchanan
A. Sarah Ross Thompson
C. Katie Almond
A. Lucy Campbell
S. Lesley Carruthers
A. Deborah Phillips
A. Sharon Griffin
A. Liz Bruce
G. Scott Irvine
A. Tracey Kinniburgh
A. Sandra Vick
J. Ellis Mhairi Cameron
A. Ron Lawson
A. Caroline Wytrazek
S. Elaine Jones
A. Josephine Brokhuizen
C. Jan Lewin Cadogan
C. Alison Graham
A. Dronma
G. Bob Crooks
A. Eleanor Carlingford
A. Nigel Reid Foster
A. Catriona MacEachen
A. Owen Henderson
A. Moy Mackay
C. Perin Towlson
A. Lynne Cameron
A. Mary Taylor
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Art. A New Generation

Argyll’s finest art gallery sitting at the heart of the seaside village of Tighnabruaich, two hours west of Glasgow.
Long established as one of the finest galleries in the west, Tighnabruaich Gallery endeavours to bring dynamic and engaging works to rural Scotland alongside contemporary art and crafts from a range of established and emerging talents.

50 Favourite Things
Box Jelly Fish - Lauren Fox Short Round Storage Jar by Tom Butcher Breakfast Cup from The Cloud Pottery Twisted Vase by Will Shakspeare 4 Drawer Jewellery Box
Our online shop Favourite Things features original jewellery, textiles, glass and sculpture hand-picked by us. It’s the work in the gallery that we love and that we think will make fabulous gifts – precious pieces that you wouldn’t find on the high street. We update it regularly with new things that catch our eye.
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Current Exhibitions

Where Beauty Sleeps

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